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Fragment of Divinity Cover Final.tiff

A paramedic turned arcane warrior.

An unforgiving world that weeds out the weak.

A secret that will bring the Gods to their knees.




James has no idea why he was ripped from his life as a paramedic and transported to a strange new world with rules like those of a video game. But he knows he has to adapt quickly, as ending up in a spider’s belly was never high on his to-do list.

With only a vague quest, a mysterious brand, and promises of help from a cantankerous old lady to guide him, James must level up into the warrior this strange, yet beautiful world so desperately needs. New allies join him on his journey, as they venture to the Dwarven City high in the Crimson Mountains in pursuit of the first clue.  

Can James figure out the rules of this land in time to save it from its prophecy? Or will the dark secrets contained in his mysterious brand consume him?


Check out Fragment of Divinity to find out.

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